Bryanna and Anne Marie met in Krav Maga class in December 2021 where they became fighting partners and good friends. They quickly discovered they shared a passion for self-defense in all aspects of life and the ultimate goal of helping others live a stress-free life when out and about. 

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Who we are

We are a women-run business designed to empower women and provide a sense of comfort and confidence to your everyday life. 

Bryanna Ruddick

Firearm Instructor Instructor

Anne Marie Stewart

Defense Instructor

Bryanna is the owner of Cross Zone Training. She is a mom of three and a Competitive Tactical Shooter. She holds a bachelor's degree in Health Studies (16') and is currently finishing her Master's degree in Law Enforcement and Criminal Intelligence. She competes within Tactical Games. Bryanna started training with firearms for solely self-defense purposes and quickly fell in love with the sport of tactical shooting. She is a USCCA-certified firearm instructor (May 23'). Her intention is to also become NRA  instructor certified as well.  She has completed and been certified in all the NRA classes. Her specialty is in pistols, in-home self-defense, out of home self defense, and concealed carry. Bryanna also has trained with Anne Marie in Krav Maga learning general self-defense and weapon defense. 

Anne Marie is a freshman in college studying teacher's education. She started training in Krav Maga when she was twelve for self-defense purposes and it quickly became her passion. She is currently ranked a blue belt in Krav and is level 1 instructor certified. Although she spent some time studying European Kick Boxing, she has dedicated the majority of her time studying Krav and will continue to work on her own belt ranks while teaching the Level One Class. She will also be teaching Weapon Defense classes. 


Cross Zone Training would like to give a special thanks to Mike Massie for his dedication to educating people in all things self-defense. Both Anne Marie and Bryanna trained under Mr. Massie and although he is no longer teaching Krav Maga, he remains an amazing friend and supporter of Cross Zone Training. 


What is Krav Maga? 

Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art that focuses on self defense. It is an inclusive way of learning to defend yourself in real life situations. 

Does Firearm Fundamentals use real ammo? 

NO! Firearm Fundamentals is designed to be a safe way to learn how to safely handle your firearm, along with learning how to properly care for it. 

What is Weapon Defense? 

The Weapon Defense class is designed to teach you how to defend yourself against weapons such as firearms and knives in the safest way possible. The Weapon Defense class WILL NOT use real weapons. 

What is Range Time? 

Range Time is a one-on-one session with Bryanna designed to help you with shooting accuracy as well as getting better acquainted with your firearm. Range time will use live ammunition. (If you do not own a firearm, one will be provided for you however you will be responsible for purchasing ammunition for the session.)