*Security will be present at all classes*

All classes must fill out the designated forms below, as well as book a time slot on this link: 

Krav Maga: Unless you are specifically looking for a private lesson, please choose the "Group Class" option for Tuesdays and Thursdays

Fire Arm Training 

Firearm Fundamentals

(Must be 18 years old+) 

Firearm Fundamentals is a in classroom experience where the student will learn the in and outs of a pistol and everything that goes into owning and properly using a firearm for self defense. 

Range Time 

Range fees will be paid by Bryanna

(Must be 18 years old+) 

Range time is a 1:1 lesson with Bryanna in the shooting range to help better accuracy, speed, and cover any questions you may have about your firearm. 

Krav Maga

Level 1 Krav Maga 

Learn how to defend yourself in real world situations. 

(Must be 18 years old+) 

Level 1 Weapon Defense 

Learn how to defend yourself against weapons in the real world. 

(Must be 18 years old+ and enroll in at least eight (8) Krav Maga classes)


Firearm Fundamentals (Per Lesson)

Range Time (Per Lesson) 

*We will specify the range upon booking

Krav Maga


What is Krav Maga? 

Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art that focuses on self defense. It is an inclusive way of learning to defend yourself in real life situations. 

Does Firearm Fundamentals use real ammo? 

NO! Firearm Fundamentals is designed to be a safe way to learn how to safely handle your firearm, along with learning how to properly care for it. 

What is Weapon Defense? 

The Weapon Defense class is designed to teach you how to defend yourself against weapons such as firearms and knives in the safest way possible. The Weapon Defense class WILL NOT use real weapons. 

What is Range Time

Range Time is a one-on-one session with Bryanna designed to help you with shooting accuracy as well as getting better acquainted with your firearm. Range time will use live ammunition. (If you do not own a firearm, one will be provided for you however you will be responsible for purchasing ammunition for the session.)