Welcome to our kids page. Cross Zone training will offer firearm fundamentals and self defense for kids ages 8-11 and 12-17. 

Firearm Fundamentals kids (1hr) $100 1:1

a) How to properly hold the pistol

b) How to properly stand holding the pistol 

c) What kind of pistol and the ammunition that it takes. 

d) Based on the age group I will discuss what can go wrong and how to handle those situations 

e) If parents give consent I will allow the student to dry fire the pistol with a training mechanism attached. This tool is called a "mantis" it allows the student to pull the trigger on the firearm (unloaded) while aiming at a target. The mantis will pick up accuracy, as well as form issues such as, pulling the trigger to qickly or tightening grip. 

Krav Maga Kids 

Student must be 8 years or older

30 min class  (ages 8-11)   1:1 ($50)

This class will enhance confidence and help your child gain basic self defense skills

45 min (ages 12-17)  1:1 ($70)

A lesson for your child to learn self defense skills to help them prepare for any real life situation


CrossZone Training will offer a group kids class. This class will max out at 4 students. We will spend 1 hour  learning Krav Maga and then transition to a 1 hour firearm fundamentals class. This will be a one time learning experience! If your child would like to continue on with learning self defense they may sign up for 1:1's with Instructor Annie. If you would like your child to continue to learn beyond the basics of firearm fundamentals please reach out to Bryanna via email (